Please contact us ahead for any orders that will be picked up! Our hours are by appointment only.

       When ordering, please keep in mind that worms are screened on the weekend and only shipped out Tuesday and Wednesday. Cut off time for orders to be shipped Tuesday/Wednesday is Friday evening (7 P.M. Pacific). Orders received after end of day Friday may not ship for a week on the next Tuesday/Wednesday.  Thank you for your patience and understanding! Shipping to Contiguous USA ONLY!  If temperatures are over 90 degrees please check with us on delivery date before ordering!  We do guarantee live delivery but worms must be accepted on the first delivery attempt and we must be notified within 1 hour of delivery (per tracking) to qualify.  Worms left in mailbox for 5 hours or on porch in sun do not qualify.  Choose to “hold at post office” if that will be a problem.  Thanks!!

Species disclaimer – It is impossible to guarantee 100% pure worm species with any type of composting worms. We have not received any complaints of cross contamination but there is always a chance of receiving a few “other” species in your order.  These “other” species are usually also great composters.  Once again, to date we have not received any complaints on this issue but it does happen in the worm industry.  While we raise all three worms we sell there may be times we will drop ship you the worms to you from one of our partner worm farms.  Rest assured these are the same stock that we sell from our farm and we are confident in the quality of worms you will receive.